How many hours does it take to pass a driving test?

The amount of driving hours needed depends on how quick you pick it up, After all everyone is different, your driving instructor will monitor you on your driving lessons and advise you when to book your test.

How long are the lessons?

Your lessons can be done in 1 hour, 1.5 hour and 2 hour blocks, lessons can be longer depending on your driving instructors availability.

Can i have more than one lesson per week?

Your driving tuition can be done more than once per week this will depend on your driving instructors availability.

Will my lessons be the same time every week?

Your driving instructor will try and give you the same lesson time each week, this will depend if the instructor does not have any tests booked with other pupils, or other personal plans.

Will i have the same driving instructor each time?

At Only Essex Driving School we allocate you a driving instructor who will be your driving instructor throughout your driving tuition, if for any reason you do not get along with your driving instructor then contact us at Only Essex Driving School we will then try our best to place you with another driving instructor

How do i pay for my lessons?

Your money for driving tuition is paid directly to your driving instructor this includes single lessons or blocks, your driving instructor is responsible for any money paid directly to them, the driving school will only take money and hold money if a gift voucher has been purchased the money for lessons is then paid to the driving instructor after each lesson is taken.