Motorway Training – Make sure you know what to expect


Motorway driving is not part of the driving test and is not covered during pre-test driving lessons. As of 4th June 2018 learner drivers are permitted to drive on Motorways with a fully qualified driving instructor only. Driving on this type of road is very different to driving on “ordinary” roads and taking professional tuition to ensure you know how to drive safely and considerately on motorways could quite literally save your life! Whether you have recently passed your driving test, have not driven for some time or are just nervous, taking some motorway training can be very beneficial.

There are numerous differences between motorways and other roads. During our motorway driving lessons you will gain knowledge and experience of the different rules, regulations and signage that applies.


You will cover:


Planning your journey


Joining and leaving

Safe speeds and varying circumstances
Taking effective observation
Signs, signals and road markings
Lane discipline
Breakdown procedures
Use of lights
Debris on the carriageway

How much do motorway driving lessons cost?
Motorway lessons are of a minimum two-hour duration and are charged at £35 per hour
motorway lessons