The Pass Plus Course has been designed to make newly qualified drivers better drivers. The Pass Plus was set up by the DVSA to encourage newly qualified drivers to undergo further training with an ADI.


The Pass Plus will not only give newly qualified drivers further driving experience and enhance their skills, it will allow them to reduce the cost of their car insurance as many car insurance companies offer a substantial discount to drivers who have successfully completed the Pass Plus Course.


The Pass Plus consists of the following modules:

Town Driving, which includes:
Observations, judgement and awareness eye contact consideration for vulnerable road users keeping space around your car
All-Weather Driving, which includes:
Correct speed, safe stopping distances, seeing and being seen in rain, sleet, snow and ice skidding, cause and prevention, correcting slow-speed skids, braking on poor surfaces, aquaplaning.
Driving Out Of Town, which includes:
Observation of the road ahead making progress safely bends, hills, uneven roads, dead ground keeping a safe distance from the vehicle ahead overtaking safely being aware of and showing consideration for pedestrians, horse riders, animals in the road, farm entrances and slow-moving vehicles.
Night Driving, which includes:
The importance of the correct use of headlights adjusting to dark conditions judging speed and distances correct use and care of lights dealing with dazzle road users who can be difficult to see parking
Driving on Dual Carriageways, which includes:
Effective observation use of mirrors and checking blind areas judgement and planning well ahead safe separation distances joining and leaving dual carriageways lane discipline overtaking correct use of speed
Driving On Motorways, which includes:
Planning journeys in advance joining and leaving motorways using slip roads properly and effectively safe speeds for varying circumstances effective all-round observation signs, signals and markings overtaking and lane discipline courtesy towards other road users motorway fatigue breakdown procedures use of lights and hazard warning lights debris on the carriageway crosswinds



You do not pass the Pass Plus by taking a final exam/test.


You’re driving instructor monitors and assesses your performance as you go through and complete the six modules.


Each Pass Plus Course must consist of at least six hours training.


During the course your driving instructor will record your progress on a training report form.


When the instructor is satisfied you have successfully completed the course you will be issued with a certificate of completion.


Only driving instructors who are registered as Pass Plus Instructors can give the course.


Some Local Authorities are now giving discounts to people who take the Pass Plus Course.