A refresher lesson or a refresher course is designed to get you into back into driving and to build up your confidence. At Only Essex Driving we provide refresher lessons or refresher courses for drivers of all abilities.



There are several reasons why you would need a course of refresher lessons:


You haven’t driven a car for a while


You lack confidence in your driving


You’re worried about driving in the night time


You need some help with parking


You have a driving licence from abroad and need some practice on the UK roads


You lack confidence in certain aspects of driving for example roundabouts, motorways or driving alongside larger vehicles.


Whatever the reason, Only Essex Driving can help you. Our experienced professional instructors will be able establish the areas of your driving that you’re not happy with, and improve on them instantly. Refresher lessons are tailor made to the individual as each person’s level of driving is different. The amount of refresher lessons you take will be entirely up to you. Whenever you feel confident would be the time to jump in your own car and give it a go.


Choosing not to drive because of certain areas of your driving or driving without confidence is a real shame. If you need assistance, we would like to help you. We will make you a more decisive, a more confident and a safer driver.