To Take a Driving Test

First thing you would need to do is apply for you provisional driving licence this can be done online by clicking here. Once you have received your driving licence you can then start you’re driving lessons with us at Only Essex Driving,

While you are taking lessons you would need to complete a theory test. To Book a theory test you can click here this will take you to the official DVSA website to book, we offer free online theory training at Only Essex Driving. For free online theory training click here this will give you the best chance of passing your theory test first time the cost of the theory test is £23.

Once you have passed your theory test this enables you to book your practical driving test but make sure you take enough lessons to give you the best chance of passing this first time, your driving instructor will advise you when you’re ready to book this, to book your driving test click here the cost of a practical week day test is £62 the money paid to the DVSA only covers the examiner that is testing you, if you want to use your driving instructors car this would be at a additional cost (The DVSA do not supply the car), making sure you are ready for the test will save you money in the long run.

Once you’re driving test is booked continue lessons up to your driving test date, driving instructors would only tell you to book a driving test with this condition. On your driving test day it is advised that you take a driving lesson before your test to warm up and try and ease those last minute nerves, Try and get to the test centre at least ten minutes before your test, so you can use the toilet if needed.

At the appointment time the examiner with come out and call your name and ask to see your provisional licence, once done you would be asked lead the examiner to the car that is being used for the driving test, the examiner will ask you to read a number plate from 20.5 feet, then you will be asked a safety check questions, you’re driving instructor should of gone through these with you, you will be asked one show me and one tell me.

On the test you will have to drive the way you’re driving instructor has been teaching you, you will be ask on the test to complete a driving manoeuvre such as a bay park, you will also be asked to carry out a section of independent driving this can be in the form of a map, following road signs or sat nav directions (see samples below), you may also be asked to carry out an emergency stop. The Driving test will last for about 45 minutes and you must not have more than 15 driver faults but any serious or dangerous faults will result in failure.


We have given some samples below to help you understand the driving test such as sample test routes, sample maps, sample road sign and we have also added the safety check questions for you to download to start learning.

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